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Albrecht Maurer has been "on the scene" since 1983. During this time he has participated in a wealth of projects and undertaken various concert tours. 

This site is something like a mini archive for events that have shaped him and will remain in his memory. 

There is no room for much here either, such as the collaboration with dancers, writers and actors in the independent scene. Also making music in the theatre or orchestra pit in projects of the not so independent scene. Or works for a variety of contributions to Jugend Musiziert.


Syntopia String Quartett

Albrecht Maurer - violin

Benedikt Hölker - violin

Radek Stawarz - viola

Jakob Ernst - cello

The Syntopia String Quartet emerged from the Sunship String Quartet. It played the Yatra Suite by Albrecht Maurer and other compositions in the border area of jazz, new music and world music. In the Musiklabor Köln a trailer was created, which can be seen on the video page.


Lucian Ban & John Herbert 

"Enesco Re - Imagined"

Lucian Ban - piano

Mat Maneri - viola

Raliph Alessi - trumpet & flugelhorn

Albrecht Maurer - violin

Tony Malaby - saxophone

Badal Roy - tablas 

John Herbert - double bass

Gerald Clever - drums

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The project was created for the George Enesco Festival Septemer 2009 in Bucharest. It was presented at the end of March at the Jazz Festival in Gent, Belgium. A CD will be released 2010 at Sunnyside Records, CD release concert on September 22nd in Bucharest, in the renowned concert hall "Athenaeum".


Rivière Ensemble Quartet

Theo Jörgensmann - bassett clarinet 

Albrecht Maurer - violin, voice 

Kent Carter - double Bass

Etienne Rolin - basset horn, transverse flutes

The quartet met in summer 2009 for a rehearsal phase with CD recordings and live concert.  

"I was always a fan of the instrumentation 2 strings and 2 clarinets. Already with Theo Jörgensmann, Denis Colin and Barre Philips in 2001 I had unforgettable moments. With Etienne Rolin, who also plays the flute, and Kent Carter we achieve an even more changeable sound." AM


Albrecht Maurer 


Albrecht Maurer - violin, rebec

Matthias Mainz - trumpet

Leonie Lubczyk - recorders

Vincent Royer - viola

Christian Ramond - bass

Frank Köllges - drums

Alberto de Campo - laptop

Hannes Hölzel - laptop

Protuberanza is the name of the composition that Albrecht Maurer premiered at the 5th Cologne Musiknacht 2009 in the broadcast hall of the WDR. 

Fascinated by the wait for the new solar cycle, which begins every 12 years and is only waiting for this time, Albrecht Maurer deals musically with the spectacular appearances on the sun.


Kent Carter 

String Trio

Albrecht Maurer - violin

Katrin Mickiewicz - viola 

Kent Carter - double bass

The Kent Carter String Trio played in this formation for many years and gave about 50 concerts in many European countries. In 2006 the CD Intersections was released in London on the Emanem label. It received much praise from the international press and continued the path Kent Carter showed since 1983 when he founded the first string trio of jazz.


Albrecht Maurer 

Trio Works

Wolter Wierbos -trombone

Benoît Delbecq - piano

Albrecht Maurer - violin

Suite "of the ease of the unbearable being" for violin, trombone and piano

For his project "Trio Works" Albrecht Maurer has won two renowned jazz musicians, the trombonist Wolter Wierbos from Amsterdam and the pianist Benoit Delbecq from Paris. As in his earlier CD´s, Maurer works with partly groovy, partly chamber-musical specifications and fascinates with journeys through a cyberspace of acoustic soundscapes.


Kent Carter & 

Albrecht Maurer

Albrecht Maurer - Violine

Kent Carter - Kontrabass

Mit dem Kölner Geiger Albrecht Maurer und Kent Carter präsentierten sich zwei Juwel-Musiker der Spitzenklasse... Unter dem Motto «Jazz und mehr» schuf das Duo über den Weg der musikalisch fließenden Improvisation einen akustischen Nährboden bizarr-mystischen Charakters. Die intensive und gleichsam spielerische Kommunikation in ihrer Mischform aus notierter und improvisierter Musik war ein atmosphärischer Genuß. Uwe Gronau


Albrecht Maurer 

Solo Works

Albrecht Maurer - violin

With the Cologne violinists Albrecht Maurer and Kent Carter, two top-class jewel musicians presented themselves... Under the motto "Jazz and more" the duo created an acoustic breeding ground of bizarre-mystical character through the path of musically flowing improvisation. The intensive and at the same time playful communication in its mixed form of notated and improvised music was an atmospheric pleasure. Uwe Gronau (NMZ Dez 96/Jan 97, Michael Scheiner


Albrecht Maurer 

Quartett Works

Albrecht Maurer - violin

Wolter Wierbos - trombone

Kent Carter - double bass

Achim Krämer - percussion

"Remember Quartet Works"

with new cast for the 20 year old, insights on Youtube

The music sounds new, fresh and exciting, because instead of placing improvisation within a piece as a compositional element, Maurer creates compositions that sound as if they are growing out of improvisation and vice versa. This music doesn't stand alone, it sets a standard for how jazz should sound at the end of the century change. Coda Magazine Canada

Salon Medieval 2008

Aura Christinae 2004

Syntopia Quartet 2004

Hillmann Tonda Schückens Maurer 2003 

Kent Carter Project 2002 : Kent Carter, Charlie Mariano, Karl Berger, Albrecht Maurer, Klaus Kugel

Albrecht Maurer Trio Delight 2001

European Echoes Quintet 2000: Bobo Stenson, Theo Jörgensmann, Albrecht Maurer, Kent Carter, Klaus Kugel

Albrecht Maurer Quintet feat. Charlie Mariano 1997

NRW Klang Quartett 1996

Albrecht Maurer Solo Works 1995

Albrecht Maurer Quartet Works 1994

Theo Jörgensmann Werkschau Ensemble 1991

Panaudium 1990

Directors 1988

Heinz 1985




Albrecht Maurer

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Chamber Remix Cologne, a concert series curated by Albrecht Maurer, presenting further projects with Albrecht Maurer

Nemu Records, record label from Albrecht Maurer and Klaus Kugel

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