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This recording from 1997 is a rarity. A quintet with Charlie Mariano and music by Albrecht Maurer and Charlie Mariano

this album is released according to the tour – „world / chamber music“ by Klangkosmos NRW

check this out, a fantastic line up and beautiful music

The debut CD of Kerstin de Witt and Albrecht Maurer –  arrangements from J.S.Bach, the piece Stella Splendens  and several compositionen by Albrecht Maurer.

The 2nd release of Theo Jörgensmann and Albrecht Maurer on Nemu Records




Albrecht Maurer

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Chamber Remix Cologne, a concert series curated by Albrecht Maurer, presenting further projects with Albrecht Maurer

Nemu Records, record label from Albrecht Maurer and Klaus Kugel

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