Marco Ambrosini & Albrecht Maurer

Marco Ambrosini - Nyckelharpa

Albrecht Maurer - fiddle, voice, sounds 

Beyond The Roots 19.05.2022

Urania Theatre, Cologne


Maurice Maurer - violin

Christoph König - violin

Albrecht Maurer - viola

Tobias Sykora - cello 

Chamber Remix Cologne 30.12.2021

Kunsthafen at Rhenania, Köln

Jan Bang, Michele Rabbia, Eivind Aarset, Quatuor IXI „UNBROKEN“

Regis Huby - violin (FRA)

Albrecht Maurer - violin (DEU)

Guillaume Roy - viola (FRA)

Atsushi Sakaï - cello (JPN)

Jan Bang – live electronics (NOR)

Eivind Aarset – guitar (NOR)

Michele Rabbia – drums (ITA)

Chamber Remix Cologne 30.12.2021

Kunsthafen at Rhenania, Köln

Syntopia Quartet live at Beyond The Roots

Xu Fengxia – guzheng, voice

Taiko Saito – marimba

Kerstin de Witt – recorder

Albrecht Maurer – violine, fiddle

Altes Pfandhaus, Köln, Mai 2021

excepts from "Zettels Traum" by Albrecht Maurer

Kerstin de Witt – recorder

Albrecht Maurer – violin

Stefan Horz – spinet

Oct. 4th 2020 at "Kunsthafen at Rhenania", Cologne

Ensemble Dialogos und Simon Stockhausen 

Katarina Livljanić, voice, direction 

Albrecht Maurer, fiddle, rebec 

Norbert Rodenkirchen, flutes, harp

Yoshi Oida, staging

Tom Schenk, video


Simon Stockhausen, live electronics, saxophone

September 2020, Kunst-Station Sankt Peter, Cologne

Kerstin de Witt - recorder

Albrecht Maurer - gothic fiddle

"Fly on Bach" (short version)

by J.S. Bach & Albrecht Maurer

based on Invention nr. 10 by J.S.Bach

video - Albrecht Maurer

the video and audio material is from the CD recording of the album "Fly to Alhambra"  at Weserrenaissance Schloss Bevern, May 2018

the kite impressions were filmed at "Festival der Riesendrachen" Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin Sept. 2018

Fantasm Trio

Albrecht Maurer – violin

Mat Maneri – viola

Lucian Ban – piano

Loft Köln, June 2019

Uwe Oberg Ι Guillaume Roy Ι Albrecht Maurer

Uwe Oberg – piano

Albrecht Maurer – violin

Guillaume Roy – viola

08. April 2018, Chamber Remix Cologne


Albrecht Maurer Syntopia Quartet 

Wolter Wierbos - trombone

Kerstin de Witt - recorders

Albrecht Maurer - Violin, Rebec, Zuspiel, Perc

Jakob Kühnemann - double bass

from Protuberance May 2017, Chamber Remix Cologne


Albrecht Maurer & Flautando Cologne

Excerpts from Loose by Albrecht Maurer for recorder quartet and violin / fiddle 

Susanne Hochscheid - recorders 

Katrin Krauß - recorders 

Ursula Thelen - recorders 

Kerstin de Witt - recorders 

Albrecht Maurer - violin, gothic fiddle

05 November 2017, Chamber Remix Cologne


in April 2019 the CD and an eBook about Barlaam & Josaphat was released here a video of Mark Steffen Göweke

Ensemble Dialogos:

Katarina Livljanic - vocals, direction

Norbert Rodenkirchen - transverse flutes, harp

Albrecht Maurer - gothic fiddle

further information about the CD and the e-book at:


Theo Jörgensmann & Albrecht Maurer 

Trailer for Hymnen An Die Nacht, 

Theo Jörgensmann - clarinet

Albrecht Maurer - viola, voice



Il Lusorius 

Meike Herzig - Blockflöten, Serpent

Albrecht Maurer - Violine, Fidel Rebec

Annette Maye - Klarinette Bassklarinette


Moersfestival  Juni 2017


Crossover Bagdad Köln 

Bassem Hawar – djoze, kamanche Albrecht Maurer – Baroque violin, lirica, rebec 

Festival Kölner Musiknacht 17.09.2016 Cologne Cathedral 


Bagdad Köln by Bassem Hawar 

Archaology by Albrecht Maurer 

Djozz by Bassem Hawar 

Wedding by Albrecht Maurer 

Ode to Oud by Albrecht Maurer 

Emigration by Bassem Hawar


Albrecht Maurer & Simon Nabatov

 Musiklabor at Kunsthaus Rhenania

Köln 2016


Berlin Rhapsody 

Theo Jörgensmann & Albrecht Maurer

Video impressions from Berlin with music from the concert at Chamber Remix Cologne 


Albrecht Maurer 

Rest for solo fiddle and voice

January 2015

Music Lab Cologne at Kunsthaus Rhenania


Albrecht Maurer Fragments / 

Alex Gunia Remix

Excerpts from Tonstrom Suite and Metalog Suite for violin solo by Albrecht Maurer

Albrecht Maurer - Violin

Alex Gunia - live electronics, guitar

January 2015, 

Music Lab Cologne at Kunsthaus Rhenania


Albrecht Maurer: Run Lola Run

A film by Joachim Richter 

I met Joachim Richter in summer for an interview. From this came this film with music of the composition Lola Rennt ... not always. Here you can see the trailer for free, for small money the whole film can be streamed. A download is also possible. Highly recommended. More here.

in the summer of 2014, Joachim Richter and Albrecht Maurer met for an interview. This resulted in a film of about 40 minutes, with interesting statements about his work and with the piece Lola rent ... not always. More here.


Syntopia String Quartet 

Excerpt from "Yatra Suite" by Albrecht Maurer 

for string quartet

Albrecht Maurer - violin

Benedikt Hölker - violin

Radek Stawarz - viola

Jakob Ernst - violoncello

May 2013

Music Laboratory Cologne at Kunsthaus Rhenania


Theo Jörgensmann Freedom Trio - live Jazz in the ruins, Gliwicki Festival, Polen

August 2011

Theo Jörgensmann - g low clarinet, voice

Albrecht Maurer - violin, viola, voice

Hagen Studemann - double bass, guitar


Albrecht Maurer about Violin & Voice

Thoughts and music, recorded at Studio Juillaguet, April 2011


Trio Hot - live in Belgium

Jazzclub “de Singer“ Rijkevorsel, Belgium

Feb. 2011

Theo Jörgensmann - g low clarinet, voice

Albrecht Maurer - violin, viola, voice

Peter Jacquemyn - double bass, voice


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