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Short vita (as violinist)

Albrecht Maurer first studied viola, then violin at the Musikhochschule Köln. He also studied with Johannes Fritsch and Klarenz Barlow. In the 80s he played mainly synthesizer. Since his meeting with Theo Jörgensmann in 1992, Maurer concentrated on the violin and began to transfer his playing techniques, loops and percussive ideas from keyboard instruments to the violin. He has also been playing medieval instruments since 2002 and viola since 2009 as well. He has worked with numerous jazz musicians such as Kent Carter, Wolter Wierbos, Benoit Delbecq, Bobo Stenson, Norbert Stein, Klaus Kugel, Charlie Mariano, Karl Berger, Steve Argüelles, Barre Phillips, Carla Bley, Peter Jacquemyn, Lucian Ban and John Hébert. With his period instruments, he works with Katarina Livljanic and Norbert Rodenkirchen, among others.

"I grew up with musical wanderlust, and a wide variety of musical languages temporarily became a new home. Today my search for identity resembles the task of forming the various personal roots into a changeable language of my own. This is characterized by great flexibility, by openness, by willingness to communicate."

Albrecht Mauer made concert tours in Europe, North America and China and North Africa as a soloist as well as in different groups. Albrecht Maurer has recorded over 30 CDs.

The versatile violinist and fiddle virtuoso Albrecht Maurer from Cologne is an artistic wanderer between worlds and brings back surprisingly new insights for each other from the remotest corners of his sound journeys. Thus he is a constant in the NRW jazz scene, which is known to be globally networked and active. But he has also acquired an extraordinary position in the scene for medieval music with his extraordinary fiddle sound, formed by a high talent for improvisation. He is a long-time member of the worldwide active Parisian ensemble Dialogos under Katarina Livljanic, works regularly in duo with Norbert Rodenkirchen, but also with Bois de Cologne, Maria Jonas as well as various other renowned partners in the scene for medieval music and beyond.

Albrecht Maurer studied violin at the Musikhochschule in Cologne and was initially self-taught, later in lessons, with the piano, as well as with synthesizers and samplers of the 80s. In the 90s he concentrated entirely on the violin. He gained important experience through collaborations with Theo Jörgensmann and Kent Carter.

As an instrumentalist he belongs to the representatives of Modern Creative Jazz. Modern Creative is considered a contemporary form of Creative Music, which is seen as "a further development of Free Jazz". It makes a claim to art and represents an anti-commercial attitude.

Sounds and loops, sound color spectra, grooves and percussion imitations, combined with the energy of jazz and carried by classical playing figures and techniques, determine his playing.

Albrecht Maurer has participated in over 60 radio recordings and owes a great deal to the WDR in particular, which has supported the most important stages of his career.

Albrecht Mauer made concert tours in Europe, North America and China, as a soloist as well as in different groups. He has worked with jazz musicians such as Kent Carter, Theo Jörgensmann, Lucian Ban, Mat Maneri, Peter Jacquemyn, Katrin Mickiewicz, Wolter Wierbos, Benôit Delbecq, Klaus Kugel, Bobo Stenson, Norbert Stein, Eckard Koltermann, Charlie Mariano, Karl Berger, Steve Argüelles and Barre Phillips. He is a member of the Parisian ensemble Dialogos. He moves between genres together with Norbert Rodenkirchen, new music and improvisations on medieval instruments.

Short vita (as composer)

Short vita (early music)

Albrecht Maurer studied violin at the Musikhochschule in Cologne and was initially self-taught, later in lessons, with the piano. He has been composing out of inner drive since the age of 17. As a composer he is largely self-taught, studying with Johannes Fritsch and Klarenz Barlow. Albrecht Maurer gained experience in New Music and experimental music theater through intensive collaboration with several composers from the school of Mauricio Kagel, including Maria de Alvear, Carola Bauckholt and Manos Tsangaris. In various ensembles he worked on projects with keyboard instruments, sound synthesis programming, violin and voice. He gained important experience with Theo Jörgensmann, Kent Carter and Karl Berger, and as a student through collaborations with Raimund Kroboth and Thomas Witzmann. Albrecht Maurer wrote various compositions for chamber music jazz ensembles as well as for classical ensembles with improvisation experience (or willingness). He has also composed for instrumentations with recorder, played by Meike Herzig, Dorothee Oberlinger, Flautando Köln,, among others, as well as by various federal prize winners of Jugend Musiziert. More recently, he has also been incorporating loopers into his compositions and experimenting with live electronics as well.

Albrecht Maurer studied violin at the Musikhochschule Köln and works today as a composer, violinist and since 2003 as an interpreter of medieval music with Gothic fiddle, rebec and lyrica. Since 2003 he is a permanent member of the Parisian ensemble Dialogos of Katarina Livljanic. So he plays in 2 programs of Dialogos, in Judith and in Barlaam & Josaphat, both in trio line-up with Katarina Livljanic and Norbert Rodenkirchen. He has also participated in projects of Norbert Rodenkirchen, e.g. "Aura Christina" with Maria Jonas or "Salon Medival" with Benjamin Bagby, Eric Mentzel and Wolgang Klein Richter.

He has also created two programs with Norbert Rodenkirchen as a duo, Hidden Fresco and Loplop's Call, which deal with new music on medieval instruments. With Dialogos, Albrecht Maurer has performed in France, Spain, Croatia, England, Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Belgium, Canada and the USA. Highlights were the festivals and concert series in: London Queen Elizabeth Hall (Purcell Room), Cite de la Music Paris, San Sebastian Festival, Split Festival, Zadar Festival, Boston Festival, Barcelona, Rome, Vancouver Early Music, UBC Hall, Lincoln Center New York, Printemps des Art Festival Monaco.


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