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Albrecht Maurer - violin, composition

Gregor Siedl - saxophone

Robert Landfermann - double bass

Dominik Mahnig - drums

Albrecht Maurer formed his first quartet in 1994 for a WDR recording. The result was a CD that has been out of print for a long time. After twenty years it is now time to bring this music back. Instant composing, written music and jazzy athmospheres are giving a hand and who knows what is what...

Theo Jörgensmann - clarinet

Albrecht Maurer - violin, voice

The artists align the best of many musical worlds and cast a distinct identity throughout the ebbs and flows, abetted by their sprightly artistic acumen, superior musicianship, and pioneering vision. (Glen Astarita, All about Jazz)

They just released two duo albums and several more with other musicians. They work together for more than 20 years and developed hight instincts and a unic language…

Albrecht Maurer - violin, composition

Elisabeth Fügemann - cello

Joscha Oetz - double bass

Christoph Hillmann - drums

Flow is a new term, the highest happiness in playing comes if you enter the „flow mood“. In the flow of time, Maurer improvised solo material, which he condensed and "re-designed" for this cast. The result is an exciting journey in "Tonstrom" with Albrecht Maurer as helmsman...

Albrecht Maurer – violin

Mat Maneri - viola

Lucian Ban - piano

Since Albrecht Maurer was invited to play in Lucian Ban´s Enesco Project, Lucian Mat and Albrecht became friends. In 2012 and 2013 they worked together, they toured and recorded new material ...

Albrecht Maurer – violin

Roger Hanschel – saxophone

Dierk Peters –  vibraphon

Markus Schieferdecker – double bass

Thomas Sauerborn – drums

„Here I am looking for a symbioses of energetic sounds and lyrical melodies. Especially the combination of soprano saxophone and violin merges into one melodic voice. The vibraphone brings some impressionistic colour and the rhythm group is...“

Albrecht Maurer – Violine, Gotische Fidel, Stimme

A solo concert, at stake is Maurer´s play, sometimes fragile, sometimes poetic, sometimes wild. Redesigned improv and an acoustic remix, of course by Max Bruch. Here the creative will of the composer meets the ways of playing and musical longings anchored in the subconscious...



Since 2005 Albrecht Maurer  is a member of the Paris based Ensemble Dialogos. The director is Katarina Livljanic. They have created 4 different  concert programs with different cast…

Since 2017 Albrecht Maurer is a member of the group Cannes Lilium. It is directed by Norbert Rodenkirchen. Cannes Lilium has developed different concert programs with different cast, at latest Carmina Burana…

Albrecht Maurer - gothic fiddle, rebec, voice

Norbert Rodenkirchen -  medieval flutes, harp, voice

For several years the duo has specialised in the exciting disentanglement puzzle between old and new sound, composing and improvising their own New Music on medieval instruments and recently also on viola and alto flute. Their music combines old and new and feels the depth of space...



Michala Marcus - dance conception

Odile Pellissier - visuels

Kent Carter - composer

Albrecht Maurer - violin

Together with Kent Carter, Michala Marcus and Odile Pellissier create a multimedia world of experience. Odile Pellissier works with various beamers and creates large-scale image collages of building details of the respective venues. In these details, dancers are filmed, a contact to the space is created, a very special world of experience...

Anna Lindblom - voice, percussion and objects 

Albrecht Maurer - violin, fiddle, rebec, voice 

Marei Seuthe - violoncello, voice, singing saw

The trio around the renowned Swedish singer conjures up exciting musical and scenic actions from archaic sounds, traditional songs and surprising sound improvisations. A world of experience for children and parents.

Syntopia Quartett


Albrecht Maurer / Norbert Rodenkirchen / Bettina Marugg

Loplop´s Call

Albrecht Maurer / Bassem Hawar 

Crossover Bagdad Köln

Il Lusorius


Bernt Hahn / Theo Jörgensmann / Albrecht Maurer


Kerstin de Witt / Albrecht Maurer

Fly to Alhambra

Flautando Köln & Albrecht Maurer



Syntopia String Quartet 2013

Lucian Ban & John Herbert "Enesco Re - Imagined" 2010

Carter Maurer Jörgensmann Rolin 2009

Albrecht Maurer Protuberanza 2009

Salon Medieval 2008

Trio Hot 2008

Runa 2005

Aura Christinae 2004

Syntopia Quartet 2004

Kent Carter Project 2002  

Albrecht Maurer Trio Delight 2001

European Echoes Quintet 2000

Albrecht Maurer Trio Works 2000

Albrecht Maurer Quintet feat. Charlie Mariano 1997

NRW Klang Quartett 1996

Albrecht Maurer Solo Works 1995

Albrecht Maurer Quartet Works 1994

Theo Jörgensmann Werkschau Ensemble 1991

Panaudium 1990

Directors 1988

Heinz 1985




Albrecht Maurer

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Nemu Records, record label from Albrecht Maurer and Klaus Kugel

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