Albrecht Maurer

Remember Yatra

Albrecht Maurer - violin

Roger Hanschel - saxophone

Christopher Dell - vibraphone

Christian Ramond - bass

Klaus Kugel - drums

The Mariano Project is based on Albrecht Maurer's collaboration with Charlie Mariano and Kent Carter in the 90s. Maurer composed independent impressionistic chamber jazz pieces for alto saxophone, violin, vibraphone and rhythm section, also inspired by Indian phrasing and the tone of Charlie Mariano. At that time he played in the Kent Carter Project together with Charlie Mariano and thus was able to get him as a soloist for his own project and wrote this music for him. After 20 years, the young ensemble that Maurer put together especially for this purpose is taking a fresh look at those compositions.

With Roger Hanschel a virtuoso multi-stylist takes over the saxophone part, who in his own work is as close to Indian music as Charlie Mariano.

"In this project I am looking for a symbiosis of energetic sound images and lyrical-sensual basic moods. The combination of soprano saxophone and violin leads to a wonderful fusion of melodic voices. The vibraphone adds impressionistic colors and the rhythm section is wonderfully light and earthy at the same time." A.M.


Albrecht Maurer

0173 7105364

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