Albrecht Maurer formed his first quartet in 1994 for a recording by WDR. The result was a CD that has been out of print for a long time. This concert is now about the energy of movement in the sense of E-Motion, whereby the closeness to the term emotion is not only a play on words but also palpable. The E-Motion Suite is a work by Albrecht Maurer for his Quartet Works. After twenty years, this music is now to be heard again with the "Junge Wilde" of the Cologne jazz scene and to reflect new ways of playing and achieved self-evidence with it.

"In recent times, the violin has again been given greater weight in jazz and improvised music... At the latest since his impressive "Quartet Works", the Rhineland violinist Albrecht Maurer also belongs to this circle." Neue Musik Zeitung

Albrecht Maurer

Quartet Works

Albrecht Maurer - violin

Julian Arguelles - saxophones

Joscha Oetz - double bass

Dominik Mahnig - drums

The ALBRECHT MAURER QUARTET fits incredibly well together. Maurer combines his international style of composing with free improvisations, but the musicians' rapport and sensibilities are so strong that it sound as though their performances were fully prepared in advance. This Quartet is a fine example of contemporary chamber-jazz.

 "I first had the good fortune to meet Albrecht in 1990 when he invites me for a radio session. When I heard this music I was very astonished to discover this fantastic violin playing - great sound and creative improvising. This was just what I was looking for." Kent Carter

This video shows a concert in the context of Musiklabor Köln, with Gregor Siedl on saxophone and Robert Landfermann on double bass


Albrecht Maurer

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