Great early music musicians play rare finds from the medieval source. A very varied album with many facets and some never recorded pieces from the collection of Carmina Burana.

Remember Yatra

Albrecht Maurer

Albrecht Maurer - violin

Charlie Mariano - soprano & alto saxophone

Christopher Dell - vibraphone

Christian Ramond - double bass

Klaus Kugel - drums, percussion

Nemu Records  nemu 024 - 7  tracks 

total time 67:20 - 2017

These recordings are a rarity as well as an important milestone along my own life’s path. They were recorded at a small festival in the backcountry near Cologne. Acting on behalf of the Ministry of Culture and the local music and arts school, I organized the festival, called the Lohmarer Jazz Festival, including programming the entire lineup. My contribution in that year, 1997, was dedicated to the theme “Jazz Meets the World”. I was preoccupied with Indian music and had read Joachim-Ernst Berendt’s writings about the Yatra Festival in India which is now considered a cradle of World Music.

Barlaam & Josaphat

Ensemble Dialogos 

Katarina Livljanic - vocals, direction

Norbert Rodenkirchen - 

Medieval transverse flutes, harp

Albrecht Maurer - Gothic fiddle, rebec

Arcana A458 / outhere music  - 12 tracks 

total time 67:20 - 2017

Brlaam & Josaphat is a unique new experience: a multimedia e-book in French and English is included on this CD. It tells the story of Barlaam & Josaphat and guides the listener/reader through one of the most fascinating labyrinths of the medieval world. Through the rich and original video, audio and iconographic material, it opens the doors to the artistic creative process that transformed a medieval story into a musical representation.

Crossover Bagdad Köln

Bassem Hawar & Albrecht Maurer 

Bassem Hawar - djoze, kamanche

Albrecht Maurer - baroque violin, viola, rebec, lyrics, voice

Nemu Records  nemu 021 - 9  tracks 

total time 67:20 - 2017

Crossover Baghdad Cologne makes the musical origins of both artists audible, approaching the respective other cultural area with an inner wanderlust. As much as Albrecht Maurer and Bassem Hawar differ in their ornamentation and musical socialization, they empathize with each other and constantly invent new details in the moment.

Fly to Alhambra

Kerstin de Witt & Albrecht Maurer

Kerstin de Witt - recorders

Albrecht Maurer - fiddle, voice, frame drum

Nemu Records  nemu 020 - 12 tracks 

total time 67:20 - 2017

Fly to Alhambra, a composition by Albrecht Maurer, becomes the starting point for a journey through time and space in this program. Flamenco, Balkan folklore and the timbres of the Silk Road combine virtuously in Maurer's score to form a unified tonal language.

Clarinet Summit 

Peryy Robinson - Clarinet 

Theo Jörgensmann - Clarinet 

Gianluige Trovesi - Clarinet

Bernd Konrad - saxophone, clarinet  

Albrecht Maurer - violin

Sebastian Gramss - double bass 

Günter 'Baby' Sommer - percussion 

Annette Maye - clarinet (track 9)

Jazzwerkstadt  JW 172 - 9  tracks 

total time 67:20 - 2017

"In a relaxed friendly atmosphere and in an area of tension between jazz and new improvised music, the group gave four successful concerts. The Frankfurt concert was recorded and can now be heard on this CD. In addition to these recordings from Frankfurt, the CD includes a piece recorded in Düsseldorf in 2016, on which Perry Robinson and Gianluigi Trovesi were unable to perform and were replaced by Cologne clarinetist Annette Maye.

Hymnen an die Nacht

Theo Jörgensmann & Albrecht Maurer

Theo Jörgensmann - clarinet

Albrecht Maurer - viola, voice

Nemu Records nemu 019- 09 tracks 

total time 51:10 - 2017

"The Hymns to the Night by Novalis, the Romantic poet par excellence, are the poetic expression and culmination of this movement. Novalis speaks of a poetry of night and twilight. The magic, depth and complexity of his language inspired Theo Jörgensmann and Albrecht Maurer to use extracts from Hymns to the Night for their musical journey..." (from the liner note by Beate Bartlewski)

Oratories and Songs

The Reviere Ensemble  

Music by Kent Carter

Laura Tejeda Martin - voice

Christine Bopp - trombone

Albrecht Maurer - violin

Katrin Mickiewicz - viola

Kent Carter - double bass

Emanem, 5042 Spanien,

total time 56:24 - 2016

The project heard on this CD resulted from a commission from the Festival des Nuits Romanes, which organizes performances and concerts in Romanesque churches in the Southwest of France. In 2008 this was given to Company DMI of which Kent Carter is the musical director. ( Danse Musique Image ), The resulting multimedia show 'FIRE SHADOW' was performed in three churches that year – excerpts can be seen and heard at here.


Albrecht Maurer, Mat Maneri , Lucian Ban 

Albrecht Maurer - violin

Mat Maneri - viola

Lucian Ban - piano

Nemu Records nemu 015 - 09 tracks 

total time 54:34 - 2015

Maurer Ban and Maneri collaborated for the first time on Lucian Ban's Enescu Re-Imagined. This CD contains excerpts from a live concert in 2012 (Aura, Twin Rivers, Last Steps and Ok,Now) and a studio session in 2013 at the Loft in Cologne.

Loplop´s Call

Albrecht Maurer & Norbert Rodenkirchen

Albrecht Maurer - violin, viola, voice

Norbert Rodenkirchen - transverse flute, alto flute

Nemu Records nemu 013 - 12 tracks

total time 53:00 - 2013

With a variety of fiddles and flutes, Albrecht Maurer and Norbert Rodenkirchen continue the flying dialogue of wind and bird, detached from the earthiness of a rhythm section. As in their earlier Nemu release Hidden Fresco, they draw inspiration from the visual arts - in this case from the painter, sculptor and collagist Max Ernst. Nou Dadoun (from the line notes)

Judith (DVD+CD)

Ensemble Dialogos 

Katarina Livljanic - vocals, direction

Norbert Rodenkirchen - 

medieval transverse flutes, dvojnice

Albrecht Maurer - Gothic fiddle, lyrica

Alpha Records 2013

DVD und CD Box

A Biblical Story from Renaissance Croatia 

Based on Judita by Marko Marulic (Venice, 1521)

Film directed by Radislav Jovanov Gonzo,

Sound engineer, editing, producing and mastering: Jean-Marc Laisné Filmed in the church Saint Donat in Zadar, September 2010 Coproduction: Croatian National Television, Ensemble Dialogos, Alpha Productions

Pata On The Cadillac

Norbert Stein  

Norbert Stein - tenor saxophone

Michael Heupel - flutes

Nicolao Valiensi - euphonium

Ryan Carniaux - trumpet 

Georg Wissel - alto saxophone

Albrecht Maurer - violin

Joscha Oetz - double bass

Christoph Haberer - drums

Pata Music 2012

Saxophonist and composer Norbert Stein's new ensemble has the perfect density of melodies to pick up speed on a cross-border journey, presenting a mature balance between polished arrangements and plenty of room for spontaneity and interactivity.


Theo Jörgensmann & Albrecht Maurer

Theo Jörgensmann - g-low clarinet

Albrecht Maurer - violin, viola 

Nemu Records nemu 011 - 10 tracks

total time 53:00 - 2011

Theo Jörgensmann and Albrecht Maurer have been present for many years in various formations of the German and European improvisation scene. These recordings document for the first time their duo playing in the intimate setting of the Topaz Studio in spring 2011 as well as in the epilogue "live" in concert.

Enesco Re - Imagined

Lucian Ban & John Herbert 

Lucian Ban - piano 

Mat Maneri - viola 

Raliph Alessi - trumpet & flugelhorn 

Albrecht Maurer - violin  

Tony Malaby - saxophones 

Badal Roy - tablas 

John Herbert - double bass 

Gerald Clever - drums 

Sunny Side Records 2010

These recordings document a live performance in September 2009 at the George Enesco Festival in Bucharest, which was broadcast live on Romanian radio and television.

Summer Works

Rivière Composers`s Pool 

Theo Jörgensmann - Bassettklarinette 

Albrecht Maurer - Violine, Stimme 

Kent Carter - Kontrabass

Etienne Rolin - Basset Horn, Querflöten

Emanem 5301, London 2010, 3 CD Box

These recordings document duo, trio and quartet instrumentation recorded in the summer of 2009 at MAD Produktion Studios as well as in concert in Sierre in Charente. 3 CD Box


Trio Hot 

Albrecht Maurer - Violine, Stimme

Theo Jörgensmann - Bassettklarinette 

Peter Jacquemyn - Kontrabass, Stimme

Nemu Records nemu 008 - 12 tracks

total time 60:00 - 2008

"Albrecht Maurer, Theo Jörgensmann, Peter Jacquemyn - three experienced improvisers, exceptional soloists who create earthy music on JINK and are not afraid of confrontation with or complexity of their instruments. An entire universe - uniquely that of TRIO HOT." (Philippe Elhem, Brussels)


Kent Carter String Trio 

Albrecht Maurer - Violine

Katrin Mickiewicz - Viola 

Kent Carter - Kontrabass

emanem 4130 - 9 tracks

total time 69:00 - 2006

"Legendary bassist Kent Carter's broad musicality is about much more than simply dabbling within fleeting interests, as evident on this quasi-chamber jazz session. Repeated listens tend to divulge newfound surprises here. " (Glen Astarita, All About Music)

Hidden Fresco

Albrecht Maurer & Norbert Rodenkirchen

Albrecht Maurer - Gotische Fidel

Norbert Rodenkirchen - Mittelalterliche 

Traversflöten, Lyra

Nemu Records nemu 004 - 12 tracks

total time 58:53 - 2006

"The recording quality is among the best I’ve heard; cranked at a decent volume, one literally feels as though in a hall with the pair. One can almost sense the bodily movement of the players, so real is the sound and the space it occupies.“ (Clifford Allen - All About Jazz)


Syntopia Quartet

Albrecht Maurer - Violine

Claudio Puntin - Klarinetten

Dieter Manderscheid - Bass

Klaus Kugel - Percussion, Klangobjekte

Nemu Records nemu 001 - 9 tracks

total time 64:16 - 2005

The Syntopia Quartet formed in 2004, and immediately released their first concert as a debut CD. It attracted worldwide attention and was listed in the top 10 in various jazz charts. In addition to more than 50 radio features, it is also featured on iTunes on the front page of Genre Jazz. In addition, numerous articles appeared in the relevant journals.


Albrecht Maurer Trio Works  

Wolter Wierbos - Posaune

Benoît Delbecq - Piano 

Albrecht Maurer - Violine

JazzHausMusik JHM 119 - 9 tracks

total time 58:06 - 2002

"MOVIE TALKS" is the name of this collection, in which I take various films as sources of inspiration. Their dramaturgy, their atmospheric content or also free associations that ignite from them are implemented musically, both as 'ideas' of musical themes and conceptually in terms of improvisational progressions.

European Echoes Sampler

Theo Jörgensmann, Albrecht Maurer, Klaus Kugel, Christopher Dell, Kent Carter, 

Denis Colin, Benoît Delbecq, Barre Phillips, Christian Ramond, Bobo Stenson, Wolter Wierbos, Christine Chapman, 

Camilla Hoitenga, Bernhard Kösling, Anja Schmiel

BEV Music AG 2303016-2 - 13 tracks -

total time 76:34 - 2000

Four concerts were realized under the title European Echos at the Erholungshaus Leverkusen. The sampler documents this series and gives an overview of the richness of a new creative genre.


Albrecht Maurer Trio Delight 

Meike Herzig - recorders 

Ludger Singer - clavichord, didgeridoo

Albrecht Maurer - violin

cmn classical music network 001 

7 tracks - total time 61:53 - 2001

Trio Delight combines old traditions with new visions, tried and tested experiences with a fresh spirit of exploration. Unconventional sound combinations, ancient and non-European instruments, archaic playing styles and novel techniques combine to create a journey through space and time: Trio Delight aims to connect historically and geographically separated playing styles with forward-looking musical forms.

Juillaguet Collection

Kent Carter  & Albrecht Maurer

Albrecht Maurer - violin

Kent Carter - double bass

emanem 4033 - 9 tracks

total time 60:00 - 1999

Here is ameeting of two masters of improvisation that is always stimulating. Both are at home in the most diverse styles, creating a compelling collection of different interactions. Many people will be captivated by the uniqueness of the sound and the incredible beauty of this music. (Steven Loewy From Cadence magazine August 2000 Canada)

more on Emanem

Solo Works

Albrecht Maurer 

Albrecht Maurer - violin

kip records kip 10 - 7 tracks

total time 44:22 - 1996

In the bundling of his entire musical experience Albrecht Maurer sees his greatest chances to approach a holistic music making/composing. This path he has now embarked upon he treads with refreshing obstinacy, especially in his SOLO WORKS.

Quartet Works

Albrecht Maurer 

Wolter Wierbos - trombone

Kent Carter - double bass

Achim Krämer - percussion

Albrecht Maurer - violin

kip records kip 9 - 7 tracks

total time 49:05 - 1995

The music sounds new, fresh and exciting because instead of placing improvisation within a piece as a compositional element, Maurer creates compositions that sound like they grow out of improvisation and vice versa. This music doesn't just stand on its own, it sets a standard for what jazz should sound like at the end of the turn of the century. (Coda Magazine Canada)

special involvement in the following publications:

Historic recordings as keyboardist, singer and violinist:

- Norbert Stein Pata Orchester ·  Ritual Life JHM 50 CD · 1992

- Panaudium · Kim Jovy & Albrecht Maurer · Stadtgarten Series vol. 5 · JHM 1005 SER · 1991

- Directors · Thomas Witzmann & Albrecht Maurer · JHM 40 CD · 1990

- Norbert Stein Pata Orchester ·  Die wilden Pferde der armen Leute JHM 39 CD · 1990

- Directors · Albrecht Maurer & Thomas Witzmann · Stadtgarten Series vol. 2 · JHM 1002 SER · 1990

- Heinz ·  Der Spion LP JHM 30 ST · 1986


Albrecht Maurer

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