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Albrecht Maurer & 

Norbert Rodenkirchen

Albrecht Maurer - gothic fiddle, rebec, voice

Norbert Rodenkirchen -  medieval flutes, harp, voice

Seit mehreren Jahren auf das spannende Vexierspiel zwischen altem und neuem Klang spezialisiert, komponiert und improvisiert das Duo eigene Neue Musik auf mittelalterlichen Instrumenten - gotische Fidel, Traversflöten, Lyra und im neuen Programm Loplop´s Call ebenfalls auf Altflöte und Viola.

Nach dem Erscheinen ihrer Debut CD Hidden Fresco im Jahre 2005 gaben sie zahlreiche Gastspiele, und wurden sowohl durch Rundfunk-Features als auch durch Rezensionen im In- und Ausland wahrgenommen. Nun ist ihre zweite CD erschienen und in der Rubrik Grenzgänger im 2. Quartal 2014 für den Preise der deutschen Schallplattenkritik nominiert.

For several years the duo has specialized in the exciting disentanglement puzzle game between old and new sound, composing and improvising their own New Music on medieval instruments - Gothic fiddle, transverse flutes, lyre and in the new program Loplop´s Call also on alto flute and viola.

After the release of their debut CD Hidden Fresco in 2005, they gave numerous concert and were noticed both by radio features and by reviews at home and abroad. Their second CD has now been released and nominated for the German Record Critics' Award in the category Grenzgänger in the 2nd quarter of 2014.

Dieser Trailer zeigt eine Konzert in der St. Pauls Cathedral in New York.

Die Konzertreise gelang 2016 mit Unterstützung des deutschen Hauses


George Harris über Hidden Fresco

All about Jazz /Jan. 2007, USA

Glenn Astarita über Loplop´s Call

All About Jazz / 15. März 2014, USA

Similarly unique, Hidden Fresco presents improvisations on early European instruments (Gothic fiddle and flute/harp) from Kent Carter collaborator Albrecht Maurer and musicologist/performer Norbert Rodenkirchen. Like the Kent Carter String Trio which its aesthetic somewhat resembles, the Maurer-Rodenkirchen duo strives for a uniquely compositional bent, with steadily lilting themes and a decidedly orchestral weight behind pieces...The recording quality is among the best I’ve heard; cranked at a decent volume, one literally feels as though in a hall with the pair. One can almost sense the bodily movement of the players, so real is the sound and the space it occupies. Rarely does audio trump musical content, but in this case, they might be on equal footing.

... Rodenkirchen and Maurer both holding status as composers in their own right, the proceedings follow the logic of written music as much as improvisational whims, lending the pieces both shaded delicacy and free immediacy. This recordings is a living proof that the innovations begotten by freedom are not just melodic or rhythmic, but also of possibility. - Clifford Allen - All About Jazz/July 2007, USA

Experimental, lurking and inquisitive, the music by Maurer and Rodenkirchen on HIDDEN FRESCO has many appealing layers to peal away.” George Harris - All about Jazz /Jan. 2007, USA

German and international music scene stalwarts, violinist Albrecht Maurer and flutist Norbert Rodenkirchen juxtapose the visual arts with music, focusing on German surrealist painter Max Ernst's ideologies, poetry, and techniques duly noted in the album liners. Here, the duo casts a hybrid, folk, jazz, and classical muse while bringing a polytonal agenda to the forefront, and uncannily melding a sense of antiquity with a newfangled complexion. These aspects are partly attributed to Maurer's use of a gothic fiddle that forges a pastoral musical climate. 

One of the many rewarding factors here pertains to the duo's continual sense of vibrancy and disparate plot developments. They wade through menacing vistas, but also integrate numerous melodic hooks amid thorny unison breakouts and hearty improv excursions during extended bridge workouts. Maurer's rustic sounding gothic fiddle adds a sense of nostalgia. As the musicians decompose and rebuild themes along with lavish sound-shaping maneuvers while sustaining an innate rhythmic vibe throughout. 

Overall, the duo's glaring ingenuity and synergistic interplay, yields a full-blown artistic experience that offers a 360-degree value-add, streaming with qualitative output.




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