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Architecture experiences a dream

Michala Marcus, Odile Pellisier and Kent Carter create a multimedia experience together. Odile Pellissier works with various beamers and creates large-scale image collages of building details of the respective venues. Michala Marcus and Bettina Horwath dance in these building details (windows, arches, ect,) both live and in pre-produced video sequences that fit seamlessly into the picture collages.

Dance Music Image


Michala Marcus - dance, conception

Bettina Horwath - dance

Odile Pellissier - visuels 

Kent Carter - audio conception 

Albrecht Maurer - violin, fiddle

Beyond working with buildings, they also use existing sequences of Romanesque churches to create the associated atmosphere in modern architecture. Music by Kent Carter and live improvisations by Albrecht Maurer will be heard.

Obern links: Spectacle Multimédia "Coloriagerauzet" avec Danse Michala Marcus,Images Odile Pellissier, Musique, Kent Carter, Albrecht Maurer, Guillaume Roy, Festival des Nuits Romanes / Aseg Prieuré Grandmontain de Rauzet

Oben rechts: Cie DMI Spectacle Multimédia "Fireshadow" Abbaye de Puypéroux Festival des Nuits Romanes 2008 Avec Michala Marcus, Chorégraphie , Claire Servant, Anne Journo Danse ,

Kent Carter, Albrecht Maurer, Conny Bauer, Laura Tejeda Martin,Musique Odile Pellissier, Images, Christophe Renaud, Eclairages.

Spectacle Multimédia "Quadrature" by DANCE MUSIC IMAGE

Les RONSENACALES 2017 Prieuré de Ronsenac Cloitre et façade de l'église St Jean Baptiste invité Brigitta Horvath, danse

Albrecht Maurer, violon en direct




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