Born 29.11.59 in Aachen

1980 - 1986 Studied violin, Cologne University of Music, interpretation of new music, music theater, recordings and tours with Heidelberg Chamber Orchestra and Ensemble de Cologne, exam thesis on computer music and improvisation, improvisation experience in jazz, free improvisation.

1986 - 1991 Development of independent music - Heinz, Directors, Panaudium,- with keyboard instruments, sound synthesis programming, violin, voice.

1992 - 1998 Concentration on the violin, composition and interpretation of partially improvised music, with: Theo Jörgensmann Werkschau Ensemble, Eckard Koltermann Collage, German Clarinet Duo & Strings, Albrecht Maurer Quartet Works, Albrecht Maurer Solo Works, Duo with Donja Djember. Kent Carter Project (with Charlie Mariano, Karl Berger and Klaus Kugel), Steve Arguelles Circuit (with Michael Moore, Marc Ducret and Steve`s Quintet), concerts with E. Koltermann Collage 13 , Eric van der Westen Double Orchestra (NL), tour with Composers Westwork Ensemble (with Lauren Newton, Wolter Wierbos, Eric Boeren and others), Mandala String Trio, Norbert Stein ARFI Project (WDR,CD) Albrecht Maurer Solo Works, Albrecht Maurer Quartet Works, Albrecht Maurer East-West Project (with Charlie Mariano, Kent Carter, Christopher Dell Klaus Kugel ) Kent Carter String Trio (with Emanuelle Roch), NRW Klang Quartett (with Christian Ramond, Ludger Schmidt and Klaus Kugel), Workshop-Project (with Markus Stockhausen, Karl. Berger, Michael Küttner and String Trio) a.o..

1999 - 2010 Foundation of Albrecht Maurer Trio Delight (with Meike Herzig and Ludger Singer), Albrecht Maurer Trio Works (with Wolter Wierbos, Benoit Delbcq), Duo Kent Carter & Albrecht Maurer, Duo with Nils Wogram, Quartet with Theo Jörgensmann, Denis Colin and Barre Phillips, Quintet with Bobo Stenson, Kent Carter, Theo Jörgensmann, Klaus Kugel, Viola Kramer Fragments of Memory, Heribert Leuchter Lux Orchetra Project with Kate Westbroke for Expo, Black Sea Connection with Anatoly Vapirov, Enver Izmailov, Kornel Horvath, Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Klaus Kugel, European Echoes, Kent Carter & Albrecht Maurer, Albrecht Maurer Trio Works, Duo with Norbert Rodenkirchen, compositions for various ensembles. China travels 2003 and 2004. 2005 -2007 Butoh Dance and New Music, CD release and concerts Syntopia Quartet with Claudio Puntin, Dieter Manderscheid, Klaus Kugel, Kent Carter String Trio New recordings and Europe tour. Member since Jan. 2005 in Paris Ensemble Dialogos - first concert with Judith in April 2005 at Purcell Room London in duo with Katarina Livljanic. From 2006 in trio with Norbert Rodenkirchen in France and Spain, Croatia. Carla Bley - Escalator over the Hill, Maurer Rodenkirchen - Hidden Fresco , Syntopia Quartet - Mars Project, Kent Carter String Trio new CD Intersections on Emanem (London), 3rd China trip, concerts with Albrecht Maurer Quartet, solo concerts, Trio Maurer Ramond Krämer, among others. 2008 -2009 Concerts with Trio Hot with Theo Jörgensmann and Peter Jacquemyn, Maurer Rodenkirchen - Hidden Fresco, Quiet Noise Quartet, Duo with Anna Lindblom, Ellellem with Ulrich Lask and Manou Liebert, Ruhrtrienale with Bassem Hawar, Saad Thamir, Albrecht Maurer, Norbert Rodenkirchen, Aura Christinae, Dialogos concerts in France, Croatia, Spain, Germany, Canada, USA, et al. a.o. concerts with Kent Carter String Trio, Albrecht Maurer Syntopia Ensemble in the large broadcasting hall of the WDR, new program Barlaam & Josaphat with Dialogos, member of the New York Ensemble Lucian Ban & John Herbert "Enesco Re - Imagined, a.o..

2010 - 2015 Concert tours with Dialogos, highlight was certainly the White Light Festival at Lincoln Center in New York, Albrecht Maurer Protuberanza, joint program with Flautando Köln, concerts and new CD recordings with Maurer/Rodenkirchen, DVD production with Dialogos, concerts with Kent Carter String Trio, CD box Summer Works with Kent Carter, Theo Jörgensmann and Etienne Rolin, Lucian Ban & John Herbert "Enesco Re - Imagined, Mircea Tiberian Quintett, concerts and radio recording at ORF, Vienna. 2011 Concert tours with Lucian Ban "Enesco Re - Imagined (London Jazz Festival, Newcastel and Bruges), Dialogos (France, Croatia, Switzerland), Runa, Jörgensmann & Maurer, Trio Hot (FreeJazz Festivla Prague) Trio Hot + Geraldo Si , Random Code & Ancient Patterns, Coloriage with Kent Carter String Trio, Michala Markus and Odile Pellissier (Festival Nuits Romanes), Sunship String Quartet, CD recordings with Jörgensmann & Maurer, Theo Jörgensmann Freedom Trio (Festival, Jazz in the Ruins, Gliwice Poland) 2012 Concert tours with Dialogos, a. o. Bouffes du Nord Paris , Bozar Festival Bruxelles , Printemps des Art Festival at the Opera Monte-Carlo, Sorbonne and Musee de Cluny, Paris, concert tour to Croatia, primiere of Heretical Angels in Royaumont, a new program of the ensemble Dialogos. Europe tour with Lucian Ban Enesco Re-Imagined De Singel Antwerp, Guimaraes Jazz Fest , Portugal, Barcelona Jazz Festival, Jazz d'Or Festival Strasbourg. "Siope" program with texts by E.A.Poe with Bernt Hahn, Theo Jörgensmann and Albrecht Maurer, other concerts with Duo Maurer & Rodenkirchen, Syntopia Quartet, CD recordings with Norbert Stein Pata Cadillac. 2013 Festival Opatija, Festival Krk, Festival Korcula and Festival Porec (all in Croatia) with Ensemble Dialogos, Jazzfestival Leibnitz 2013 with Jörgensmann & Maurer, Forum Alte Musik (WDR Cologne) with Ensemble Dialogos, Tour with Lucian Ban & Mat Maneri a.o. Munich Unterfahrt, Cologne Altes Pfandhaus, Berlin A-Train. Concerts with Remember Yatra with the specially founded Syntopia String Quartet, curator of Musiklabor Köln at Kunsthaus Rhenania 2013 together with Norbert Stein. Curator of Musiklabor Köln. 2014 Curator of Musiklabor Köln, concerts with Dialogos in Fondation Royaumont, Antwerp, Coutances, Zageb, Radovljica, Paris, Rome, among others, CD release tour Fantasm with Maurer Ban Maneri, concert tour in Romania and Germany, new program Maurer Rodenkirchen, concerts in Musee de Cluny Paris, Colloriage with Michala Marcus, Kent Carter, concerts with Etienne Rolin and György Kurtag jr.. 

2015 - 2019 Curator of Musiklabor Köln, concerts with Dialogos a.o. New York Lincoln Center's White Light Festival, Varajdin Festival and Samobor, Croatia, Bozar, Brussels / Bernd Konrad, Perry Robinson, Gianluigi Trovesi, Theo Jörgensmann, Günter Sommer, Albrecht Maurer, Sebastian Gramss, Multiphonics Festival / Sanda Weigl Sibiu Festival, Romania / MovieTalks film about Albrecht Maurer with solo concert , Odeon Kino, Cologne. Norbert Rodenkirchen & Albrecht Maurer Loplop's Call, New York, radio concert, Maurer Ban Maneri, CD release concert New York, IBEAM Brooklyn. 2016 Judith, Dialogos, Marseille, France, Barlaam & Josaphat, Dialogoas, Perpignan, France, Clarinet Summit, Altes Pfandhaus Cologne, Clarinet Summit, Jazzschmiede Düsseldorf, FAQ - frequently asked questions , Orangerie, Cologne (theater music), Heretical Angels, Dialogos, Fees Festival, Morocco, Colloriage, Kent Carter Project, Ronsenac, France, Judith, Ensemble Dialogos, Utrecht Festival, Heretical Angels, Ensemble Dialogos, Festival "Voix et Route Romane" Strasbourg,Crossover Bagdad Cologne, Bassem Hawar & Albrecht Maurer, Kölner Musiknacht, Dom, Cologne, Barlaam & Josaphat, Ensemble Dialogos, Gorizia Festival, Italy, Albrecht Maurer & Krzysztof Dys , Loft Cologne, Albrecht Maurer Quartet feat. Julian Arguelles, Cafe Ada, Wuppertal. 2017 Carmina Burana, Candens Lilium, Cologne Early Music Festival , Der Sandmann - von E. T. A. Hoffmann Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf, Ensemble Dialogos, Heretical Angels, Utrecht Oudemuziek Festival , Albrecht Maurer & Norbert Rodenkirchen Paderborn "1000 JAHRE BARTHOLOMÄUS-KAPELLE", Duo Kerstin de Witt & Albrecht Maurer Fly to Alhambra, musica-ahuse, Clarinet Summit, CD release concerts, Spectacle "Quadrature" Danse / Musique / Image with Kent Carter, Michala Marcus, Odile Pellissier, curator of the concert series Chamber Remix Cologne.  Moers Festival, Il Lusorius. 2018 Theaterhaus Festival Stuttgart 2018 with Bernd Konrad "Südpool" and others, AchtBrücken Festival, 1018 WDR Funkhaus, with Crossover Bagdad Cologne, Bassem Hawar & Albrecht Maurer, Radovljica Festival, Slovenia with Candens Lilium "Carmina Burana & Augsburger Cantiones" Antwerp Early Music Festival Winchester Nexus with Ensemble Dialogos, Beethoven Festival Bonn 2018 with Il Lusorius, "Tage Alter Musik" Herne 2018 with Candens Lilium, FILharmonie, Filderstadt, Il Lusorius and curator concert series Chamber Remix Cologne....

2020 - 2022 Corona sabbatical, various scholarships, composition of a string quartet, solo recordings with Fidel and Rebec, concert Ensemble Dialogos, University Theatre, Vilnius, Lithania, founding member of Beyond The Roots - collective for transcultural music, concerts at Multiphonics Festival Cologne with Beyond The Roots as ensemble, Barlaam & Josaphat, Ensemble Dialogos, Gorizia, Italy, Chamber Remix Cologne (curator/organizer) climax at Kunststation St. Peter, Cologne. Peter, Cologne, Ensemble Dialogos and Simon Stockhausen - Live Remix, New program for Kerstin De Witt & Albrecht Maurer, new member of Quator IXI from Paris, here projects with YOM and IXI + Jan Bang, Eivind Aarset and Michele Rabbia, Trio with Kerstin De Witt, Florian Zenker also as Live Remixer. Project Jack & Jill with Flautando Cologne and Heikko Deutschmann, new program with Ensemble Dialogos, Hecuba, queen of Troy, Creation residency, Art & culture center, Fondation Royaumont, France and Creative residency, Saint Donat Festival in Zadar, tour with Syntopia String Quartet, new program with Marco Ambrosini, concert series Chamber Remix Cologne, Beyond The Roots concert series and others.

Festivals: JazzHaus Festival 1987 with Heinz, Ruhr Jazz Festival 1987 with Heinz, Würzburg Jazz Festival 1987 with Heinz, JazzHaus Festival 1990 with Directors, Neo This Post That Festval Kölner Philharmonie 1991 with Norbert Stein Pata Orchester, Jazzfest Wiesen 1991 (Austria) with Steve Argüelles Quintet, Leverkusener Jazztage 1992 with Norbert Stein Pata Orchester, MIMI Festival 1993 (France) with Viola Kramer SSP, 8. Münchener Big Band Meeting 1993 with Limpe Fuchs and Theo Jörgensmann Chaparal Projekt, Ruhr Jazz Festival 1993 with Theo Jörgensmann Werkschau Ensemble, Stranger Than Paranoia 1994 (Netherlands) with Theo Jörgensmann Werkschau Ensemble, Green Days im Stadtgarten with Albrecht Maurer Quartet Works, Bochumer Ruhrjazz Festival 1995 with Eckart Koltermanns Collage13, Stranger Than Paranoia 1995 with Eric van der Westen Double Orchestra (Netherlands), Euregio Musiktage Aachen 1995 Solo, Festival in Le Mans 1996 with Steve Argüelles Circuit, Trienale Köln 1997 with Hans Lüdemann, Moers Festival 1997 with IN THE AIR ON THE AIR, Worms jazzt Festival 1997 with Kent Carter Projekt, 1999 Paris Fondation Cartier with Kent Carter String Trio, 2000 Expo Hannover with Lux Orchestra, European Broadcast Union Kalaka EBU Folk Festival Hungary with Trio Delight, WDR3 Nachtmusik with Trio Delight, TFF Rudolstadt 2002 with Trio Delight, Rheinisches Musikfest 2002 with LuxOrchester and European Echoes, Trienale Köln 2004 with Norbert Stein Arfi Projekt, Int Jazzfestival Nanjing (China) 2004, Besancon JazzFestival 2005, Essen Philharmonie 2006 with Carla Bley, Ambronay Festival 2006 with Dialogos, Nanjing JazzFestival China 2006, San Sebastian Festival 2007 with Dialogos, Zadar Festival 2007 with Dialogos , Split Festival 2007 with Dialogos (Jury Award), Freejazz Festival Prague 2007 with Kent Carter String Trio, Bucharest Jazzfestival 2008 with Kent Carter String Trio, Romanischer Sommer 2008 with Dialogos, Freejazz Festival Prague 2008 with Movietalks, Ruhrtrienale 2008 with Bassem Hawar, Saad Thamir, Norbert Rodenkirchen, Early Music Vancouver 2008 with Dialogos, Boston Early Music Festival with Dialogos 2009, Equinox Festival 2009 with Maurer & Rodenkirchen, George Enescu Festival Bucharest 2009 with Enesco Re-Imagined, Vancouver UBC 2010 with Dialogos, Gent Jazz and Sound Festival 2010 with Enesco Re-Imagined, Lincoln Center New York White Light Festival 2010 with Dialogos, London Jazz Festival 2011 with Enesco Re-Imagined, FreeJazz Festival Prague with Trio Hot,  Bozar Festival Bruxelles 2012 with Dialogos, Monte-Carlo Printemps des Art Festival 2012 with Dialogos, De Singel 2012 with Enesco Re-Imagined, Guimaraes Jazz Fest 2012, Portugal with Enesco Re-Imagined, Barcelona Jazz Festival 2012 with Enesco Re-Imagined, Jazz d'Or Festival 2012 Strasbourg with Enesco Re-Imagined. Festival Opatija, Festival Krk, Festival Korcula and Festival Porec (all in Croatia) with Ensemble Dialogos, Jazzfestival Leibnitz 2013 with Jörgensmann & Maurer, Forum Alte Musik (WDR Cologne) with Ensemble Dialogos, München Unterfahrt 2013 with Lucian Ban & Mat Maneri, Köln Altes Pfandhaus 2013 with Lucian Ban & Mat Maneri, Remember Yatra with Syntopia String Quartet, Musiklabor Köln im Kunsthaus Rhenania 2013. Festival Ile de France 2014, Musee de Cluny, Paris 2014, Radovljica Festival 2014 in Slovenia, Fantasm CD Release Tour, Odeon, Bucharest, Romania 2014, Museum of Ethnography, Cluj, Romania 2014, Jazz & Blues Fest 2014, Philharmonic Hall, Timisoara, Romania,  Dialogos Concerts in Rome 2015 , Antwerp Festival 2015, Zageb Festival 2015, Radovljica Festival Slovenija 2015, Sanda Weigl Sibiu Festival 2015, Multiphonics Festival 2015, Lincoln Center's White light Festival New York 2015, Bozar Festival, Brussels 2015.  Sanda Weigl Sibiu Festival 2016, Fees Festival 2016 Morocco with Dialogos, Utrecht Festival 2016 with Dialogos , Gorizia Festival 2016, Italy with Ensemble Dialogos, Utrecht Oudemuziek 2017 with Ensemble Dialogos, Zamus Festival Cologne with Candens Lilium, Moers Festival 2017 with Il Lusorius.  Theaterhaus Festival Stuttgart 2018 with Bernd Konrad "Südpool" and others, AchtBrücken Festival, 1018 WDR Funkhaus, with Crossover Bagdad Cologne, Bassem Hawar & Albrecht Maurer, Radovljica Festival, Slovenia with Candens Lilium "Carmina Burana & Augsburger Cantiones" Antwerp Early Music Festival with Ensemble Dialogos, Beethoven Festival Bonn 2018 with Il Lusorius, "Tage Alter Musik" Herne 2018 with Candens Lilium, FILharmonie, Filderstadt, Il Lusorius, Barlaam & Josaphat, Ensemble Dialogos, Musée Guimet, Paris, Yoshi Oida, 2019 Winchester Nexus, Ensemble Dialogos, Romanischer Sommer, Cologne 2019, Barlaam et Josaphat, Festival de Musique ancienne, Utrecht, Netherlands 2019, Judith, Ensemble Dialogos, University Theatre, Vilnius, Lithania 2020, Beyond The Roots Ensemble, Multiphonics Festival Cologne, Altes Pfandhaus, 2020, Duo Kerstin de Witt & Albrecht Maurer FLY ON BACH, WDR Concert as part of the Romanische Nacht, 2021, Dialogos, Heretical Angels, St. Donatus, Zadar, Croatia 2021, YOM + IXI String Quartet, Multiphonics Festival, Domizil, Dortmund (WDR) 2021, Jan Bang, Eivind Aarset, Michele Rabbia, IXI String Quartet, "UNBROKEN" Chamber Remix Cologne, at Kunsthafen in Rhenania in Cologne, 2021, Judith, Evangelic-Lutheran Church of Trieste, Italy 2022, Ensemble Dialogos, Castelló Fundatión Madrid, Spain, 2022, Ensemble Dialogos, Hekuba, Premiere, Zadar Festival, Croatia 2022, Chamber Remix Cologne, Jack & Jill, Heikko Deutschmann / Albrecht Maurer / Flautando Cologne, Urania Theater, Cologne 2022

Concerts / radio recordings:

Konzerte / Rundfunkaufnahmen u.a. mit: Eivind Aarset, Chris Abelen, Ralph Alessi, Paulo Alvarès, Maria de Alvear, Marco Ambrosini, Steve Argüelles, Benjamin Bagby, Lucian Ban, Jan Bang, Karl Berger, Carla Bley, Kent Carter, Gerald Cleaver, Corin Curschellas, Chris Dahlgren Christopher Dell, Robert Dick, Donja Djember, Marc Ducret,  Xu Fengxia, Mark Ferber, Scott Fields, Flautando Köln,  Limpe Fuchs, Elisabeth Fügemann, Drew Gress, Sebastian Gramss, Frank Gratkowski, Alex Gunia, Gerdur Gunnarsdottir, Roger Hanschel, Stefan Heidtmann,  John Herbert,  Michael Heupel, Christoph Hillmann, Stefan Horz, Regis Huby, Peter Jacquemyn, Maria Jonas, Kim Jovy, Bernd Konrad, Theo Jörgensmann, Achim Kaufmann, Paul van Kemnade, Harald Kimmig, Christoph König, Eckard Koltermann, Bernd Konrad, Viola Kramer, Achim Krämer, Michael Küttner, Klaus Kugel,  György Kurtág Jr.,  Ulrich Lask, Heribert Leuchter, Manou Liebert, Anna Lindblom, Katarina Livljanic, Robert Landfermann, Hans Lüdemann, Tony Malaby, Matthias Mainz, Dominik Mahnig, Dieter Manderscheid, Mat Maneri, Charlie Mariano, Maurice Maurer, Michael Moore, Katrin Mickiewicz, Phil Minton, Simon Nabatov, Lauren Newton, Maggie Nichols, Bartolomej Brat Oles, Marcin Oles, Regina Pastuszyk, Barre Phillips, Melvin Poor, Claudio Puntin, Joscha Oetz, Tony Oxley, Michele Rabbia, Christian Ramond, Perry Robinson, Norbert Rodenkirchen, Etienne Rolin, Vincent Royer, Guillaume Roy, Badal Roy, Taiko Saito, Ludger Schmidt, Peter Schönfeld, Mathias Schubert, Arkady Shilkloper, Gregor Siedl, Jürgen Sturm, Rainald Schückens, Oliver Schwarz, Günter Baby Sommer, Norbert Stein, Bobo Stenson, Markus Stockhausen, Petras Vysniauskas, Achim Tang, Mircea Tiberian, Gianluigi Trovesi, Kate Westbroke, Eric van der Westen, Wolter Wierbos, Rainer Winterschladen, Kerstin de Witt, Thomas Witzmann, Nils Wogram, Florian Zenker.


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