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Albrecht Maurer Solo Works

Albrecht Maurer Solo Works

Albrecht Maurer - Violine

kip records kip 10 - aufgenommen in Studio N von Brigitte Angerhausen, gemastert von Hans-Jörg Scheffler


1.Ysaÿe 3.40 

2. Nonendlich 5.29 

3. Aura 5.07 

4. Der wunderbare Mandarin 11.22 

5. Melancholie 2.59 

6. Das weite Feld 7.59 

7. Ch'i 7.11

all compositions by Albrecht Maurer in Kooperation dem WDR.

total time:44.22, 1996

CD Details:

Uli Ingenbold, kip records

"Albrecht Maurer began to deal with the idea of SOLO WORKS in 1992. Since then he has been working on a communicative musical language that combines the worlds of notated music with improvised music. In addition to the exchange with other musicians, he was now also interested in dealing with his own musical personality and its various characteristics.

Albrecht Maurer sees his greatest opportunities to approach holistic music making and composing in the bundling of his entire musical experience. This is the path he has now embarked on, especially with his SOLO WORKS with refreshing stubbornness.

To the extent that he seems to open himself through a fascinating physicality to all inner and outer sources of inspiration when making music, his music also adheres to a completely independent tonal language. Notated only in rudiments and often not notable, she combines polyphony, overtone playing and the classical cantabile with jazz. Blues and Far Eastern phrasing and moves in the free space between impression and expression, meditation and ecstasy.

The unique way he deals with his musical roots gives rise to a personal style that makes Albrecht Maurer one of the most interesting violin voices on the contemporary music scene".

press clippings:

Michael Scheiner – Gedankengefühle

(NMZ Dez 96/Jan 97)

In recent times, the violin has gained in importance again in jazz and improvised music. This is mainly due to musical and stylistic border crossers like Jon Rose, Dominique Pifarely and string groups like the "European Chaos String Quintet". At the latest since his impressive "Quartet Works", the Rhineland violinist Albrecht Maurer, who studied in Cologne, has also belonged to this circle. The producing WDR was so taken with the quartet recordings that six months later he invited Maurer to solo recordings. The result is predominantly unlabelled, improvised gems in which influences from various genres flow together with impressive virtuosity. From European occidental classical music, to the sound aesthetics of new music, to jazz phrasing, Far Eastern forms of expression and the impulses of free music. Thanks to his strong personality, with whom he unites these different roots, Maurer knows how to find an idiosyncratic tonal language. Far away from any tortured mishmash or multiculturalism, he forms moving moods of warm melancholy, sensual power to ecstatic expression, often at the edge of pure abstraction. Maurer's technically outstanding playing contains an energetic power and dynamic that produces tension from meditative concentration, devotion and boundless musical curiosity. 

Rhein-Sieg Rundschau

Albrecht Maurer shows the vastness of musical events with a broad spectrum of sounds and styles that can be combined ... a refreshing, very productive way of dealing with the very colourful and dazzling palette that "Jazz" can offer an imaginative musician. 

Kölner Stadtanzeiger

Solo violinist in polyphonic breadth. 

Memminger Zeitung

With enormous power and bursting with dynamics, Albrecht Maurer created a musical wonderland. His expressive possibilities ranged from shrill sound cascades to warm and friendly harmony lines, from abstract sound surfaces to idiosyncratic motif structures.  

Rhein Sieg Anzeiger

Albrecht Maurer demonstrates how people, space and sounds can merge into an aesthetic overall experience. 

Rheinische Post

An extraordinary concert inspired. In rapid changes of mood, from the quiet piano carried to contemplation to the rebellious forte, Maurer left no room for boredom and kept his listeners in suspense.




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