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Albrecht Maurer & Norbert Rodenkirchen

Albrecht Maurer - gothic fiddle, rebec, voice

Norbert Rodenkirchen -  medieval flutes, harp, voice

For the last years, the duo has been specialized on the exciting „Vexierspiel“ between old and new Contemporary Music on medieval instruments - gothic fiddle, rebec, medieval flutes and lyra.

Flautando Köln & Albrecht Maurer

Katharina Hess - recorder flutes
Susanne Hochscheid - recorder flutes
Ursula Thelen - recorder flutes
Kerstin de Witt - recorder flutes

Albrecht Maurer - violin, gothic fiddle

Loose“ for recorder quartet and string instruments by Albrecht Maurer is a composition, that Maurer wrote specially for Flautando Köln and himself. It turned out to be so much fun to play together, that it has become a new program.

Kerstin de Witt & Albrecht Maurer

Kerstin de Witt - recorder

Albrecht Maurer - gothische fiddle, frame drums

Fly to Alhambra, a composition for recorder and marimbaphon is the name of this new program that leads the musicians through time and space. Flamenco, balkanesc folklore and colours of the silk road are connected in Maurers notes to a unique sound.

Albrecht Maurer & Bassem Hawar

Albrecht Maurer – gothic fiddle, rebec, lyrica

Bassem Hawar – different kinds of djoze

So they bring together Orient and Occident in the own personal way. A highlight was concert in the Cologne Cathedral.

Ensemble Dialogos

Katarina Livljanic - voice

Norbert Rodenkirchen – medieval flutes

Albrecht Maurer - gothic fiddle, rebec

The resulting piece is a mesmerizing and at times hauntingly beautiful work, with Livljanic's pure-toned voice at its core. ... The undulating vocal lines provide a certain melancholy expressive tug, and a rich array of piquant dissonances makes the music sound both very old and very new.  The Boston Globe, USA

"All three musicians were so attuned and so responsive to one another they seemed as one, none dominant, all equally necessary. Vancouver Review, Kanada


Albrecht Maurer Quartet Works

Albrecht Maurer - violin

Gregor Siedl - saxophone

Robert Landfermann - double bass

Dominik Mahnig - drums

Instant composing, written music and jazzy athmospheres are giving a hand and who knows what is what...

Albrecht Maurer Mariano Project

Albrecht Maurer – violin

Roger Hanschel – saxophone

Dierk Peters –  vibraphon

Markus Schieferdecker – double bass

Thomas Sauerborn – drums

„Here I am looking for a symbioses of energetic sounds and lyrical melodies. Especially the combination of soprano saxophone and violin merges into one melodic voice. The vibraphone brings some impressionistic colour and the rhythm group is...“

Syntopia Quartet

Albrecht Maurer - violine, viola, electronics, frame drum

Wolter Wierbos - trombone

Kerstin de Witt - recorder

Jakob Kühnemann - double bass

2009 Maurer wrote new composition called Protuberanza. The premiere was in the big radio hall in Cologne. This new Syntopia Quartet brings  a rare combination of instruments, in combination with electronic sounds and all the different skills of Albrecht Maurer live on stage.

Maurer Ban Maneri TRIO FANTASM

Albrecht Maurer – violin

Mat Maneri - viola

Lucian Ban - piano

Since Albrecht Maurer was invited to play in Lucian Ban´s Enesco Project, Lucian Mat and Albrecht became friends. In 2012 and 2013 they worked together, they toured and recorded new material ...

Jörgensmann & Maurer

Theo Jörgensmann - clarinet

Albrecht Maurer - violin, voice

They just released their 2nd album, where the play Hymns to the night and they are a dream team for emotional sounds and

Trio Hot

Theo Jörgensmann - clarinet

Albrecht Maurer - violin, voice

Peter Jacquemyn - double bass, voice

Three of Europe’s top improvisers cast a nouveau spin on the inferences of traditional Trio Hot or Hot Trio connotations usually associated with Swing or Gypsy-jazz ala Django Reinhardt. It’s a study in polytonal contrasts ... Glenn Astarita, Jazzreview.com, Feb. 2009


Kent Carter String Trio from 1996 to 2014

Lucian Ban & John Herbert "Enesco Re - Imagined" 2010

Carter Maurer Jörgensmann Rolin 2009

Albrecht Maurer Protuberanza 2009

Salon Medieval 2008

Aura Christinae 2004

Syntopia Quartet 2004

Albrecht Maurer Trio Delight 2001

Kent Carter Project 2002 

European Echoes Quintet 2000

Albrecht Maurer Quintet feat. Charlie Mariano 1997

NRW Klang Quartett 1996

Albrecht Maurer Solo Works 1995

Albrecht Maurer Quartet Works 1994

Theo Jörgensmann Werkschau Ensemble 1991

Panaudium 1990

Directors 1988

Heinz 1985



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