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Nemu Records, the record label from Albrecht Maurer und Klaus Kugel www. nemu


Albrecht Maurer is part of the new collective Beyond The Roots, a new concert series is starting this spring. 

All concerts will be at „Altes Pfandhaus“ in Cologne.

Chamber Remix Cologne, the concert series created and curated by Albrecht Maurer at the „Kunsthafen“ im Rhenania:

Internet Stream:

BR-Klassik live stream,  concert series PASSAGEN 

Il Lusorius - Der Duft der Kindheit (the flavor of childhood)

Interview / film

in summer 2014 Joachim Richter interviewed and filmed Albrecht Maurer. The result is a  film with interesting statements about his work and with his composition  „Lola rent ... nicht immer“ click for more.

string instruments new and old:

Albrecht Maurer plays a violin and a viola built by Falk Peters, and a gothic fiddle and a rebec built by Thilo Viehrig. The fiddle and the rebec are reconstructed with the help of ikonographics and historical sources from the 13th century.

watch recent trailer:

Dialogos will release a new CD including an iBook and video material about Barlaam & Josaphat in spring  2019 on Alpha records.

recent releases

this album is released according to the tour by Klangkosmos NRW

Fly to Alhambra, a composition by Albrecht Maurer, is the point of departure in this program for a journey through space and time. Flamenco, Balkan folklore and timbres of the silk road combine with virtuosity in Maurer‘s music to form a unified tonal language.

Kerstin de Witt - recorder

Albrecht Maurer - fiddle, frame drum, voice

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The 2nd release of Theo Jörgensmann and Albrecht Maurer on Nemu Records is available now at Nemu Records

Theo Jörgensmann – clarinet

Albrecht Maurer – viola, voice

fantastic jazz musicians came together to play and record this album , released on  German based label Jazzwerkstatt. It was recorded at Multiphonics Festival 2016 in Frankfurt and  it has a bonus-track from a concert at Jazzschmiede Düsseldorf.

Perry Robinson

Gianluigi Trovesi

Theo Jörgensmann

Bernd Konrad 

Günter Sommer

Albrecht Maurer

Sebastian Gramss 

Annette Maye.

The Reviere Ensemble Oratories and Songs

Music by Kent Carter, featuring Laura Tejeda Martin is released at Emanem in London.

Laura Tejeda Martin - voice

Christine Bopp - trombone

Albrecht Maurer - violin

Katrin Mickiewicz - viola

Kent Carter - double bass


Albrecht Maurer - violin

Mat Maneri - viola

Lucian Ban - piano

Albrecht Maurer - violin, viola, voice

Norbert Rodenkirchen - transverse flute, alto flute

nominated for the  Price of the German Record Criticism

here a review by Glenn Astarita in All About Jazz

concerts 2020:

27 January Tehorah Projekt

Adrienne Haan + strings

Théâtre d'Esch, 


05 February 2020 

Fly to Alhambra

Kerstin de Witt & Albrecht Maurer

Bookshop Brockmann


07 February 2020 


Ensemble Dialogos

University Theatre

Vilnius, Lithania

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

05 June 2020

Fly on Bach

Kerstin de Witt & Albrecht Maurer

Romanische Nacht (WDR)

St. Maria in Kapitol

21 June 2020

Solo Konzert

Albrecht Maurer

Klangraum Kunigunde, Köln

05 July 2020

Chamber Remix Cologne 

(Kurator/ Organizer)

Kunsthaus Rhenania, Köln

Theo Jörgensmann, Bernd Konrad, Albrecht Maurer, Clemens Wenger - Live Remix (Wien)

15 August 202

Chamber Remix Cologne 

(Kurator/ Organizer)

Kunsthaus Rhenania, Köln

Slowfox / Alex Gunia

02 September 2020

Chamber Remix Cologne 

(Kurator/ Organizer)

Kunststation St. Peter, Köln

Ensemble Dialogos

Simon Stockhausen - Live Remix

12 September 2020

Bräute des Winz

Mit Texten von mehreren Surrealistinnen

Lyric Sounds & Co

Bettina Marugg, Norbert Rodenkirchen, Albrecht Maurer

20 September 2020

 Heretical Angels , Ensemble Dialogos, Gorizia, Italy

26 September 2020

Johannes S. Sistermans Ausstellung

Mit Maria Jonas, Bassem Hawar, Albrecht Maurer

Vernissage Konzert Kulturforum Bonn

04 Oktober 2020

Chamber Remix Cologne 

(Kurator/ Organizer)

Kunsthaus Rhenania, Köln

Kerstin de Witt, Stefan Horz, Albrecht Maurer

Raedea - Live Remix

07 Oktober 2020 

Konzertreihe Am Siebten um Sieben,  Kerstin de Witt, Stefan Horz, Albrecht Maurer, Kreuzkirche Bonn

10 Oktober 2020

Family Concert 

Anna Lindblom, Albrecht Maurer

Kölner Philharmonie, Köln 10:00

01 November 2020

Chamber Remix Cologne 

(Kurator/ Organizer)

Kunsthaus Rhenania, Köln

Quatuor Brac

Thomas Lehn, Marcus Schmickler – Live Remix

08 November 2020

Bassem Hawar & Albrecht Maurer

Crossover Bagdad Köln

Friesheim bei Freiburg

21 November 2020

Familien Konzert 

Anna Lindblom, Albrecht Maurer

Kölner Philharmonie, Köln 10:00




Albrecht Maurer

0173 7105364

Chamber Remix Cologne, a concert series curated by Albrecht Maurer, presenting further projects with Albrecht Maurer

Nemu Records, record label from Albrecht Maurer and Klaus Kugel

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