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At the threshold of the 19th century the romantic movement turned against the reconnaissance’s demystification of the world, against the cold light of reason and the prosaic mind. Convinced that the secrets of this world could never be decoded completely, romantics concentrated on mysticism and speculative fiction, on the world hidden behind what is visible. The “Hymns to the Night” by Novalis, who is clearly a romantic poet, are the poetic expression and the climax of this movement. Novalis speaks of “a poetry of the night and the dusk.”

The magic, depth, and the complexity of Novalis’ writings inspired Theo Jörgensmann and Albrecht Maurer to use extracts from “Hymns to the Night” as a map for their musical journey.

Additionally, both musicians see a parallel to the romantic period in today’s musical revolution; globalization and, even more, the digital revolution has made music from all parts of the world readily available. Every corner is musically explored and illuminated. There are no more secrets. Once again, Western culture has assimilated and subordinated everything into its form language. What´s next? What will be invented?

“Our music is about freedom,” Jörgensmann says. “Everything that is too concrete or distinctive in terms of style or musical material has to break down. It feels pokey and has a potential tiredness and stagnation inside. In a certain way our music is more about dismantle than about coming up with something.” The writer Klaus Ove Knausgard established a formula for freedom that also applies to Jörgensmann and Maurer: “Freedom is destruction plus motion.” This is their credo and even if it appears militant, the result is amazingly full of inner calmness and homogeneity. The musical form develops from moments of playing that happen not by competition but by friendship. To mutually modulate the sound, to support the other, to let lead or to take over the leadership, to trust in action and reaction, to trust the development of a common taste, the common experiences of playing. “How much is distinctive or thematic? How much of a certain style can we allow? When does the creative lust to destruct start? How does the other think or feel?” Jörgensmann says.

An empty, lonely, and quiet church in Bonn-Röttgen was the ideal recording place for the duo’s journey into the night. The result is nine sections that refer to each other. The part that has just faded away is still sensed; it influences the present. And so this album has an inner development, an aesthetic coherence a superior form that ties all parts together.

The coincidence of two equipollent, confident “voices” results in music that is often bi-metric and bi-lingual. The musicians’ different experiences meld into a new freedom, certainly not into a kind of crossover, but into an unlimited journey. This music doesn´t want anything. It doesn´t want to occupy a musical place (territory) and it doesn´t want to capture the market. This music is a wonderland of conversion in the smallest spaces. For instance, in a section that is in a slow tempo, the lead voice of Albrecht Maurer merges completely with the intimate clarinet tone of Theo Jörgensmann. You can feel a common aesthetic that is based on being in the moment. Each just-discovered sound contains a new path to something else, even if the musicians don´t always follow that potential idea. The intensity of the moment is their poetic power. They listen to each other and then delve into dialogs, spinning music that sometimes hangs by a thread in a magical way. Decisions as to which direction the music should go are made in fraction of a second. Sometimes all that that remains is the subtle energy of a homeopathic essence. And in this sense the music appears abstracted, far away from pattern music and far away from overly intellectual construction. It is pure music, created with diverse musical experiences of a clarinetist and a violist.

Beate Bartlewski, Cologne, Januar 2017


Ein Unerschöpflicher Traum  

Himmlische Müdigkeit

Schweigender Bote   

Das Alte wird hintangestellt                            


Des Morgenlands ahndende, blüthenreiche Weisheit

Voll Glauben und Muth

Der Kindheit Träume

Das allerfreuliche Licht




Hymnen an die Nacht

Theo Jörgensmann & Albrecht Maurer

Theo Jörgensmann – clarinet

Albrecht Maurer - viola, voice

Nemu Records nemu 019- 09 tracks












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