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Albrecht Maurer

Trio Delight

Albrecht Maurer Trio Delight

Meike Herzig - recorders 

Ludger Singer - clavichord, didgeridoo

Albrecht Maurer - violin

cmn classical music network 001 

7 tracks - total time 61:53 - 2001

CD Details:

Albrecht Maurer TRIO DELIGHT was an interesting group from Cologne in the years 1998-2003. They attract attention with their unusual music. Early the WDR became aware of the group. They guest at the EBU Kalaka Folkfestival in Hungary, the festival of the European Broadcasting Council, where they are received with enthusiasm. This was followed by various concerts and radio features at home and abroad. In the summer of 2001 the debut CD Syntopia was released, which was very well received by the audience and the press. In November 2001 they perform as part of the WDR-Nachtmusik. In July 2002 TRIO DELIGHT was invited to the TFF Rudolstadt. One of the three performances was recorded by Bayrischer Rundfunk and handed over to all German radio stations. With violin and later gothic fiddle, clavichord, sub bass flute, didgeridoo or fujara, the ensemble has an extraordinary range of instruments at its disposal which are used in a targeted manner. The members have cultivated historical, modern and self-developed playing techniques. The music of Trio Delight resembles an imaginary concertante folklore composed of different subcultures. These are networked by the communicative power of the improvisations of the members, who bring in their musical roots. Thus the music is far more modern in its conception of jazz, but far more in its tonal quality. 

We can leave ancestral, familiar, survived musical places, flee them - but since these places are within us, we take them with us. And all in all we do not escape ourselves "crosswise" from the musical topography. Each utopia, as soon as we fill it with life, proves to be a syntopia, an ensemble of musical experiences that can be localized in terms of life history. Werner Fuhr, WDR


@ @ @ @ @ Trio Delight: "Syntopia"

(Classical Jazz: Classical Music Network) Raging. Absolutely gifted. Absolutely. I've never heard that before: A mixture of Handel, Shakti and Art De Fakt -- the western music of baroque colour plus eastern lines of improvisation including the aggressiveness of thousand-fold jazz? Trio Delight pops music of wonderful floweriness and raging virtuosity into the ether. The three gifted star musicians are Albrecht Maurer (violin), Meike Herzig (recorders) and Ludger Singer (clavichord). They are all world-class musicians with a great deal of knowledge. Ludger Singer also stands out for the extravagant sound of his self-made clavichord and inspires all along the line. What a music! Let's make it short: I hardly believe that there will be similarly outstanding music again this year 2002. Buy, marvel, rejoice. www.schallplattenmann.de

Anne Goede

"The new trio around the Rhenish violinist Albrecht Maurer represents a challenge. New sound combinations and archaic ways of playing as well as old profound instruments in the unusual sound of a modern conception of music. Worlds open up, unusual chains of associations emerge. Non-European influences as well as a European awareness of history shape the musical events. The Trio Delight is working on a combination of historically grown and geographically separated ways of playing to a future-oriented form of music." 

Dr. Eckart Weber

Trio Delight combines old traditions with new visions, proven experiences with a fresh spirit of research. Unconventional sound combinations, old and non-European instruments, archaic playing styles and new techniques combine to form a journey through space and time: Trio Delight aims to combine historically and geographically separate playing styles with forward-looking musical forms. Albrecht Maurer, the Trio Delight, provides the score with virtuosic notation and free improvisation. The music of the ensemble leads elements of early polyphony, segments of baroque music and classical music, experimental music, sounds of world music as well as jazz to an organic unity with much joy of playing. 

Arnd Gottschalk, Aachener Nachrichten

"Delight stands for pleasure or delight in the English language. The music of Trio Delight, which could be heard recently in the Jakobshof, is pleasure of a special kind.... It is precisely the renunciation of traditional jazz patterns that enables the musicians to advance into completely new dimensions. The perfect interplay of the three and their brilliant musical abilities allow them to tread new and difficult paths.... Puppet Dance, Mandala, Aphorisme: The song titles show that the trio understands the concept of journey not only stylistically, but also temporally and spatially. Whether Renaissance, Orient or Africa: in every song there are influences that carry the listener off into foreign worlds. 


"...Three people, recorder, violin, clavichord land again and again in my CD-player, so that I understand at least rudimentary,


1. Puppentanz 

2. Aphorisme

3. Mandala

4. Zettels Traum 

5. Jaco

6. Yatra

7. Air-Peace




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