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Norbert Rodenkirchen


Mittwoch, 30. August 2017

For the last years, the duo has been specialized on the exciting „Vexierspiel“ between old and new sound. It only composes and improvises own Contemporary Music on medieval instruments - gothic fiddle, rebec, medieval flutes and lyra and in their new program Loplop´s Call also alto flute and viola.

They started 2003 with free improvisations to figure out the sounds and the possibilities of new music technics on their instruments. In 2005 the debut CD Hidden Fresco was released on Nemu Records. It was well regarded in Europa and North Amerika. They played on different festivals, and gave their New York debut in St. Paul ´s Church, Chelsea, New York. Albrecht Maurer & Norbert Rodenkirchen had many reviews in print media and in the internet. In 2013 their second release Loplop´s Call appeared, focussing on texts and painting techniques by Max Ernst. This album is nominated for the Price of the German Record Criticism in the category „Grenzgänger“ for the second quarter in 2014.

In addition to their instruments, they sometimes use their voice, to create complexity and a rich, orchestral sound. As composers and improvisers they use the quality of both worlds to act on stage. They also like to perform pieces or fragment from medieval music in combination with their contemporary compositions.

Albrecht Maurer – gothic fiddle, voice, viola

Norbert Rodenkirchen – medieval flute, Lyra, voice, alto flute


Norbert Rodenkirchen

Norbert Rodenkirchen is not only an internationally reknowned performer formedieval music (f.e. as a member of Sequentia). Free improvisation also hasbeen one of his genuine ways to express himself (he was the flute player in the free jazzer´s Gunter Hampel Coming Age Orchstra and realised a lot of own avantgarde projects far beyond the world of early music). He has also been in demand as a versatile composer in the realms of music for film and theater and is the artistic director of a successful concert series in the famous medieval Museum Schnuetgen, Köln.

diskographie: Sequentia: „Ordo Virtutum", „The Rhinegold Curse", „Lost songs of a Rhineland harper", Diphona: „Lamentationes Jeremiae", „Carmina Mystica", Solo-CD: „Tibia ex tempore-Mittelalterliche Skizzen"

Albrecht Maurer

Albrecht Maurer - since many years a well regarded creator of music between avantgarde and Jazz and one of the influential and important figures of the European scene (with its´ international radius) - also likes to drink from the sources of early music as a virtuoso fiddler with incredible sound sensibility and individuality. His fascinating, unconventianal and highly personal style of fiddle playing brought him invitations to join programs of the prominent medieval ensemble Dialogos.
diskographie: Albrecht Maurer Solo Works, Albrecht Maurer Quartet Works, Albrecht Maurer Trio Works „Movietalks“, Albrecht Maurer Trio Delight „Syntopia“, Albrecht Maurer & Kent Carter „Juillaguet Collection“, Syntopia Quartet „Mars“, Kent Carter String Trio „Intersections“

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