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Press international

The Boston Globe, USA:

"It takes an eloquent artist and a patient scholar to recruit and arrange the relics of a truly distant past in a way that creates a work capable of enthralling modern listeners. The resulting piece is a mesmerizing and at times hauntingly beautiful work, with Livljanic's pure-toned voice at its core. ... The undulating vocal lines provide a certain melancholy expressive tug, and a rich array of piquant dissonances makes the music sound both very old and very new. Sanda Hrzic has provided a subtle and organic staging that makes poetic use of light and shadows as the fine musicians Norbert Rodenkirchen and Albrecht Maurer drift and hover around the singer. ... It is an exercise in a kind of generative musicology at its best..."

Vancouver Review, Canada:

"All three musicians were so attuned and so responsive to one another they seemed as one, none dominant, all equally necessary. Playing a selection of early and Croatian folk instruments, Norbert Rodenkirchen, flutist and medievalist and Albrecht Maurer, string player, jazz musician and specialist in improvization, followed every nuance of Katarina Livljanic’s very powerful, flexible voice.

The music is rich and opulent in sound with long, hypnotic lines.

Livljanic’s subtle interpretations of the story kept the audience rivetted. Using mostly song with very effective spoken or half-spoken passages, Livljanic unrolled Judith’s story with awful inevitability, her firm and unbending character reflected by the supreme confidence of the singer."

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concerts (picks)

Kremlin-Bicêtre, bei Paris 2017

Utrecht Oudemuziek Festival 2017

Marseille, Frankreich 2016

Fees Festival, Marokko 2016

Alba Nova Festival, Alden Biezen, Belgien 2016

Utrecht Festival, Niederlanden 2016

Gorizia Festival, Italien 2016

Bozar, Brüssel 2015

2Varajdin Festival, Kroatien 2015

Samobor, Kroatien 2015

Wight Light Festival, New York, Lincoln Center 2015

ROM, Italien 2014

Paris, Festival Ile de France, 2014

Antwerpen, AMUZ,  Belgium 2014

Muziekcentrum De Bijloke Gent, Belgien 2013

WDR, Köln, Forum Alte Musik 2013

Bozar Festival Bruxelles 2012

Monte-Carlo Printemps des Art Festival 2012

Paris, Bouffes du Nord, 2012

Bruxelles, Bozar, Belgium 2012

Rotterdam, Netherlands 2012

Montecarlo, Printemps des Art Festival, 2012

Dvirgrad Festival, Kroatien 2011

Tage Alte Musik (WDR), Herne 2011

Schola Cantorum, Basel 2011

New York, Lincoln Center 2010

Fellbach, Europäischer Kultursommer Festival 2010

Berlin, Konzerthaus W.Otto Saal

Gent, Muziekcentrum De Bijloke, Belgien 2010

Flandern Festival 2010

Vancouver, Early Music, UBC Hall 2010

Boston, Early Music Festival, Jordan Hall 2009

Köln, Grosser Sendesaal im WDR 2009

Connecticut Festival, USA 2009

Festival Route Romane, Frankreich 2009

Rom, Church of St Louis des Francais, 2009

München, European Music Festival, Europamusicale 2009

Köln, Romanischer Sommer, St Pantaleon’s church 2008

Paris, Cité de la musique, Amphithéâtre 2008

Elx, Spanien, Feszival Medival 2008

Vancouver, Early Music, UBC Hall 2008

Chicago, Hyde Park Union Church, USA, 2008

Kansas City, USA, Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral 2008

Barcelona, Spain (Catalonia), San Felip Neri’s Church 2007

San Sebastian, Spanien, Auditorium Kursaal 2007

Zadar, Croatia, Sveti Donat, 2007

Split, Croatia, Diocletian's Palace, 2007

Paris, France, Vingtième Théâtre 2006

Jujurieux, France, Ambronay Festival 2006

London, UK, South Bank Centre 26.April 2006


Katarina Livljanic - Gesang, Leitung

Norbert Rodenkirchen - medieval flutes, harp

Albrecht Maurer - fiddle, rebec

Katarina Livljanic - voice, direction

Norbert Rodenkirchen - medieval flutes

Albrecht Maurer - fiddle, rebec

Joško Ćaleta - voice, direction
Jure Miloš - voice, gusle, diple, dvojnice
Srecko Damjanović - voice
Nikola Damjanović - voice
Milivoj Rilov - voice

Katarina Livljanic -  voice, direction

Norbert Rodenkirchen - medieval flutes, dvojnice

Albrecht Maurer - fiddle, lirica

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Albrecht Maurer is a menber of Ensembles Dialogos in Paris since 2005. Together with Katarina Livljanic the musical director and Norbert Rodenkirchen they developed three different programs.

Albrecht Maurer plays in Judith, texts by Marko Marulic, a musical reconstruktion of Katarina Livljanic with staging, light and subtitles projection. A concert program is Barlaam and Josaphat, a christianized version of the life of Buddha. This summer they will finish the stage version of the newest program Heretical Angels. More information is available on the new Dialogos website.

„With Dialogos I jumped into a totaly new world. Theway of medieval accompaning based ona culture of imrovisation and experience with different modi. My experience in jazz and with archaic sounds helped a lot in the kind of work. i love the  consonance of Katarinas alto voice with medieval flute and gothic fiddle. Before my engagement in the Ensemble Dialogos I started with my college Norbert Rodenkirchen an intensive musical partership. We met once a week over one year and improvised together on our medieval instruments without speaking about it. In this year we created a sound full of resonance and overtones by using the natural tuning system. I didn´t know such a rich overlapping of overtones before.“ Albrecht Maurer

new program: Dialogos Winchester Quartet

Led by Katarina Livljanic, Dialogos Ensemble delves into the very earliest polyphony, written down at the beginning of the 11th century in the Winchester Troper. This British manuscript is one of the oldest and richest collections of notated polyphonic music in western mediaeval music. It was long thought to be unreadable, but extensive musicological research has now turned it into rich source material for early music specialists. At the border between mystical Gregorian and the very beginnings of polyphony, this is extremely exciting and moving music, performed with verve by Livljanic: “She has an admirably wide singing range and even greater interpretive abilities. Her performance was nuanced and subtle and marvellously clear in tone”, the Chicago Hyde Park Herald reports.

World premiere THU 23.08.18 AMUZ, Antwerpen


Clara Coutouly, singer| Albrecht Maurer, vielle | Norbert Rodenkirchen, flute | Katarina Livljanic, singer and artistic leader